PerLDAP is written and maintained by a small group of LDAP fanatics, Leif Hedstrom, Michelle Hedstrom, Kevin McCarthy and also Clayton Donley. For some generic LDAP information. please follow the link to our LDAP pages. We've made the v1.4 PerLDAP documentation available as well.

PerLDAP 1.0 was released in August 1998, on the Mozilla web site. The official PerLDAP FAQ is also available from Mozilla, and you can snag a copy of the v1.2.2 source.

For easier access to PerLDAP source, please use the Mozilla CVS server to get the source directly from the tree. The module is named "PerLDAP" (duh...), but you might want to checkout the entire "mozilla/directory" tree. This gives you not only the PerLDAP module, but also the C and Java SDKs.

  • Leif has made a couple of presentations available on-line. The first is his invited LDAP talk given at Lisa '98, and the second presentation is an introduction to using PerLDAP.